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YogaU & the University Model

At the Yoga University of Florida, our teacher training programs are built around the University model. Students have the flexibility to select their area of study based on their personal yoga preferences and interests. Students can complete our teacher training programs in as little as 6 months or take up to 3 years depending on the students available time and budget.

Our teacher training programs have required courses that must to be taken in order to graduate, however, students can choose elective workshops in their area of interest: Hatha Yoga, Hot Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Yoga Philosophy, Meditation, Pranayama, Ayurveda, Subtle Anatomy (Chakras, Nadis, Mudras, Bandhas, and Vayus), Anatomy and Alignment, and Adjustments and Assists. 

While the University model is very attractive to many students we realize that some students may prefer a "closed"/traditional Teacher Training Program where students spend 6 to 12 months (200 hour) or 10 to 24 months (500 hour) with one primary instructor and one group of students therefore, we offer "closed" 200 and 500 hour Teacher Trainings as well as 2 day, 5 day and specialty Teacher Trainings.


Required & Elective Courses

YogaU   Required Courses and Elective Courses are built around specific aspects of yoga. Generally, they are anywhere from 2-7 days long, usually a 2 or 3 day weekend. Courses are taught either by our director of training or an international yoga teacher. We bring some of the biggest names in the industry to our studio and programs.

In our Teacher Training Programs, you decide which elective workshops to take. Elective workshops are generally open to the public, so you will be joined by experienced teachers as well as aspiring enthusiasts. Elective workshops can be taken by students not pursuing a yoga certification, though if they decide later to pursue a yoga certification, they can retroactively include the elective workshops they've already taken. You will find more details on the Hatha Yoga, Hot Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga and Yoga Therapy Program pages.

The 7 Step Process for enrolling and taking courses at Yoga University:

1. To Register – pay the non-refundable Registration Fee

2. Submit the Application

270 Application

615 Application

850 Application

3. Acceptance to the program

4. Attend

Required Courses and Elective Courses as your schedule and budget allows – pay as you go!

5. Pass the Anatomy Tests

6. Pass the Practice Teaching Assignments

7. Graduate from our Teacher Training Program



Yoga University Trainees are eligible for some wonderful yoga benefits during training including discounts on events, retail and training supplies as well as FREE yoga!

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